Flooring: Secoma Lanes

The bowling alley had tile in the “Set Tee” portion of the building where bowlers wait their turn to bowl. This area was being destroyed by balls being dropped and fluids being spilled. The result was a stained and broken tile surface that took away from the appeal of this area. The area in total was 2550 SF in which we removed the tile and the adhesive by manually and mechanically removing the tile and hauling away from the facility. Once that was accomplished we then shot blasted the concrete slab in order to remove contaminants and to prepare the surface for a FLUID APPLIED Fastfloor coating. The end result is a surface that handles not only the heavy foot traffic but also the occasional bowling ball being dropped on the surface. This is an amazing testament to the quality and durability of the products we provide. The entire project was completed within the scheduled amount of time provided and continues to be the center of attention for all who come to spend their leisure time at the facility.