• Automotive
  • Hospitals
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Power plants
  • Prisons
  • Schools
  • Zoo & Veterinary facilities
  • Waste water plants
  • Retail Stores
  • Hotels/Casinos
  • Commercial Kitchens

Companies in many industries have spent millions of dollars in maintenance and repairs by extending the life of their equipment and facilities with Rhino Linings. Even in the most punishing working conditions, Rhino Linings protects structures from premature deterioration, and machinery from unnecessary wear and breakdowns.

Whether you’r lining slurry tanks, pipelines, material chutes, warehouse floors, food storage facilities, veterinary facilities or secondary containment structures. Rhino Linings offers a level of protection unlike any alternative coating.

All Rhino Linings formulations are 100% solids and environmentally friendly, containing no VOCs or CFCs. Our proprietary spray systems can be made mobile for off-site jobs. The application is safe and quick, and Rhino Linings can be sprayed to any thickness. With Tack-free cure times of less than a minute, downtime of your operations is reduced to a minimum.

Rhino Linings industrial floor coatings do everything our commercial products do and so much more. Install in temperatures as low as 32-degrees F. Resistant to ammonium hydroxide, brake fluid, anti-freeze, Skydrol® (aviation hydrolic fluid) and gasoline. Ideal for factory floors, airport hangars and commercial garages.
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Rhino Linings can work around your production schedules to keep downtime to a minimum. One crew can protect up to 1000 sq. ft. in a day and most of our products cure within 24 hours. Some sealants welcome light foot traffic within a few hours.

Move your gear out of the way — or we’ll move it for you and return it to the proper location. No matter what your situation demands, Rhino Linings has solutions.

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