If water can get to it, corrosion and mildew can set in below the surface causing premature rot and costly repairs and down time.

No matter what your deck, patio, or walkway is made of — concrete, wood, brick, metal, etc. — there is a Rhino Lining product that protects the property from water intrusion and people from slips and falls.

Rhino Linings offers a level of protection, unlike any alternative coating. With unlimited build thickness, we have the right product for your walkways, decks, stairs, pavement, and other outdoor surfaces. Rhino Linings provides a durable, watertight barrier against environmental damage and wear and tear. We are mobile and can handle large and small jobs onsite. The application is safe and quick and can be sprayed to any thickness. With Tack-free cure times of less than a minute, downtime of your operations is reduced to a minimum.


  • Excellent slip resistance
  • Full range available with UV top Coat
  • Waterproofer
  • Seamless
  • Allows for flexibility and elongation
  • All our product formulations have been time-tested to withstand steady foot traffic, heavy industrial equipment, and chemical resistance
  • 10-year warranty
  • Maintenance free

When you want a slip resistant finish.




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Our Location

By specializing in proper and thorough prep work, we achieve the highest standard of spray-on protective coating. Our team takes extra precautions to secure the utmost bond, strength, and durability of the Rhino Linings products.

Conveniently located in Auburn, Washington.

1401 20th St NW, Auburn, WA 98001