Flooring: Tumwater Veterinary Hostpital

In addition to providing nearly 6,000 sq ft of FastFloor® protection, we also sprayed Rhino Linings TuffGrip® on the kennels floors and walls for water proof protection and to prevent pets from slipping. Our product helps prevent the growth of bacteria and kennel cough, which can be major problems in most dog kennels. The nonporous nature of our products also helps make up keep and cleaning easy. Both our FastFloor® and TuffGrip® products left the TumwaterVeterinaryHospital with a durable surface, a pet safe, friendly environment, a space that can be easily cleaned and a complete show room quality appearance.

The TumwaterVeterinaryHospital had a vision in mind before we started. We worked hand in hand with the doctor, his staff, the contractor, as well as the interior designer to provide a color scheme that met the requirements of their vision. With time, effort and team work we were able to create a finished product that met all of the needs the TumwaterVeterinary Hospital was looking for.